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2023-2 Approval of Dissertation Submission and Committee Recommendation



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2023-2 Approval of Dissertation Submission and Committee Recommendation


Target Students


1.Those who have completed four or more regular semesters of enrollment and have obtained the required credits for graduation, or those who are scheduled to obtain the graduation credits in the current semester, and have completed the prerequisite courses.


2.Those who have completed the graduation credits and the thesis advisory credits (proposal) with a grade point average of B- (2.7) or higher.


3.Those who have passed the qualification examination for thesis submission.


4.Those who have passed the proposal examination for thesis submission.


5.Those who meet the publication requirements for academic journal articles (application or planned).


Deadline: 2023.10.11(Wed) ~ 10.17(Tue)


-Necessary Documents 


1) Submit your paper individually to the professor(Master 3copies, Ph.D 5copies) 


2) Submit to office at 2nd floor

  2-1. Approval of Dissertation Submission form

  2-2. Transcript


*Also you have to apply through info21: Info21 -> Enrollment Status -> Thesis -> 청구논문제출신청


3) Submit Committee recommendation form via email:

   3-1.Common: (Appendix 2-3)Committee recommendation form


   3-2.Applicants who include an external advisor

         1.(Appendix 2-5)Committee recommendation, outside professor info form

         2.(Appendix 6)external committee thesis review fee, use of personal information

         3.Professor's Copy of bankbook

         4.Professor's Certificate of Employment (Website Profile Capture is also avaliable)



*After entering the school in September 2022, it is mandatory to submit a confirmation of research ethics education as a qualification for submitting a thesis.



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