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**Announcement of Submission for the Results of Degree Thesis Evaluation for the Fall Semester of 2023**


1. Deadline for Results Submission: Until 12:00 PM on December 7th (Thur) (*Strictly observed*)


2. Schedule for Degree Thesis Evaluation and Submission


3. Required Documents: Refer to the attached forms.


4. Submission Method: email( or submit to office 2nd floor




- a) During the evaluation, be sure to check the plagiarism results to avoid violating research ethics. (Be especially careful, as receiving a degree may be revoked due to plagiarism after graduation.)


- b) If you have published a paper in an academic journal and the plagiarism rate for the same research in your thesis is high, ensure that citations are properly documented.


5. Schedule for Degree Thesis Evaluation and Submission





 Deadline for Thesis Evaluation and Results Report Submission

 December 7, 2023 (Thur)Until 12:00 PM

 *Results Report:


Prepared by the Chair of the Evaluation Committee


(Note: The advisor cannot be the Chair)

 Submission of Printed Copy of Thesis

 Early January 2024 (Expected)

 Individually submitted to the Central Library


( Further notice to be provided)


1)Thesis Submission Confirmation

2)Copy of the Cover Page

3)Stamped Approval Sheet Copy

4)Survey Questionnaire for Master's/Doctoral Research, etc.


 Submitted separately to the Graduate School Office (Not to the Department Office) on the 3rd floor of the Main Building


( Further notice to be provided)


6) Refer to the Attached Forms for the Submission Documents.

 Master,Phd Program

 Results Report (*Requires the signatures of the Chair of the Evaluation Committee and Committee Members)

 Attachment 1~6



 Evaluation Criteria (*Requires completion and signatures from the Chair of the Evaluation Committee)

 Master's Program:Confirmation of Thesis Publication (Application) / Academic Conference Presentation Certificate and Supporting Documents

 Doctoral Program:Confirmation of Thesis Publication (Scheduled) Certificate and Supporting Documents

(Document confirming thesis details or proof of publication, including journal name, publication date, and page numbers)

1. Plagiarism Check Results Certificate for the Thesis (*Requires signature and comments from the advisor)

2. Originality Report(Document showing the percentage of similarity in the turnitin similarity index)

3. Digital Receipt

 Research Ethics Compliance Pledge (*Self-written, requires the student's and advisor's signatures)

 Ph.D. Program Only

 Oral Examination Results Report




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