International Students

Graduate School of Global Hospitality & Tourism (GH&T) recruits students twice a year, in the middle of April and October. The admission information may change every year and is announced on the GH&T website just before the admission process starts.

Application Schedule

Category Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application October April
Document Review, Interview November - December May - June
Final Result and Registration December June
Entrance March September

Applicant Qualifications

Master's Degree Program Those who have bachelor's degree or master's degree or who are in the final year of the degree.
Ph.D. Degree Program Those who have master's degree or who are in the final year of the degree.

How to Apply

  • Online Application
    • Click the banner for "Go to Online Application" on this page. (Available only in the application period)
    • Get started on your application.
    • Send the application fee (80,000 KRW) on the application website.
  • Document Submission
    • After finishing your online application, print out the application form on the application website.
    • Mail your application documents including the application form.

Application Process

For your convenience, we invite you to visit our website and to apply online. All instructions and application forms are available on the online application website ( Please note that when applying on-line, you will need to have your official transcripts, score reports, letters of recommendation (sealed) and other required documents sent by post directly to the administration office at the address below. The Admissions Committee will not review your application until all of the required components have been received. Late or incomplete documents will not be accepted.

Document Submission

After finishing your online application, including the application fee (KRW 80,000) and payment on the application website, print out the application forms. All of the forms should be filled out entirely. Mail your application documents including the application form to the address below:

Graduate School of Kyung Hee University, Seoul Campus
#02447 Kyunghee-daero 26, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel: 82-2-961- 0121~4/ Fax: 82-2-961-9582 / E-mail:

All documents must be mailed by the appropriate deadline for the term in which you are applying. All materials submitted for review become the confidential property of Graduate School of Kyung Hee University and cannot be returned.

Document Review and Interview

If all required documents and online application are submitted on time, the admissions committee will review them. Only qualified applicants will be informed of the following evaluation process individually through e-mail and phone. Applicants who are residing abroad and are unable to attend the interview may have an online interview.

Evaluation Process

  • Round 1 : Application Documents Screening
  • Round 2 : Interview

Application Documents

Documents Master’s Program Ph. D Program Remarks
Checklist for
Application Documents
Required Required Submit all documents in the given order
Application Form Required Required Can be printed out from
Official (Prospective) Graduation Certificates from undergraduate institution Required Required
  • ▪ Include the registered degree number. If it does not contain degree number, applicants should submit ‘Certificate of Degree’ separately.
  • ▪ Graduated students: Documents certifying the highest level of education you have completed must be verified by the Korean Embassy or Apostille Verified. (This verification requirement does not apply to domestic university graduates.)
  • ▪ Prospective graduated students: Official prospective graduation certificate verified by the Korean Embassy.

<For Applicants (prospective) graduated from Chinese University>
  • ▪ Graduated: ① Graduation Certificates of China Higher-education Student Information ( ②Graduation certificate ③ Degree certificate (All notarized by the Public Notary Office, ① is acceptable in English version)
  • ▪Prospective Graduated : an official prospective graduation certificate or certificate of 4th year studentship
Official (Prospective)
Certificates from
graduate institution
- Required
Official Transcripts
from undergraduate
Required Required
  • ▪Write down your overall GPA and percentage just as same as your transcript
  • ▪If your transcript has only one of the two, you may convert your score referring to the conversion table
  • ▪If the transcript does not have the given scale of GPA or percentage, applicants should issue an official letter that shows the overall GPA or percentage from the undergraduate (graduate) institution
  • ▪If issuing an official letter is impossible, you should print out and submit the result of WES iGPA Calculator ( or the result from Foreign Credits Website (
  • ▪Transfer students : submit previous university transcripts
Official Transcripts
from graduate
- Required
Language Proficiency Certificates
Required Required
  • ▪ Global Hospitality&Tourism: A citizen of an English-speaking country or a country where English is an official language, or test score of TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT80), IELTS (6,0), TEPS(550), NEW TEPS(297) or above is required
Self Introduction Required Required -
Study Plan Required Required -
letter written by
a professor of the
university from which
you graduated*
Required Required -
Scholarship Application Optional Optional -
Thesis dissertation
Optional Optional -
Employment Certificate,
Career Certificate,
Certificate of Volunteer
Activity, Awards, or
Published papers
Optional Optional
  • ▪Must be written either in Korean or English. If not, applicants must accompany a complete Korean or English translation, authenticated by the issuing institution or notarized by a notary public.
A copy of your
passport and Certificate
of Alien Registration
Required Required
  • ▪Valid passport which is not expired
  • ▪ Applicants reside abroad do not need to submit an Alien Registration certificate
Documents that certify
the applicant and the
applicant’s parents’
citizenship and
Required Required
  • ▪Applicants must prove ① Parents’ nationality and ② Family relations
  • ▪Birth Certificate, Family register issued by government of the applicant’s country, and so on
  • ※ In case of parents’ death(divorce), a death(divorce) certificate submission is compulsory.

<For Chinese Applicants>
  • 1. Copy of the Chinese ID card for applicant and both parents (Required)
  • 2. Notarized copy of Census Registration (Required)
  • 3. Notarized copy of Family Relations Certificate (Only if one of the families is not appearing on family census registration)
  • ※ In case of parents’ death(divorce), a death(divorce) certificate submission is compulsory.
Signed Consent form Required Required -
Applicant's or Parents'
VOD(Verification of
Deposit) indicating a
minimum balance of
$20,000 USD in funds
Required Required -
① Certificate of Entry & Departure Records during the period from birth to the present time
② Official Graduation Certificates from elementary to high school
③ Official Transcripts from elementary to high school
  • ▪ ① is available at the immigration office
  • ▪ Any false records or double passports will result in the revocation of the application and admission even after matriculation.
Other Documents Optional Optional
  • ▪If applicants need to add some explanation related to eligibilities, they could submit additional paper and provements. (e.g. name change, transfer, ect.)
  • ▪Students receiving scholarship from an institution in their country such as the Overseas Koreans Foundation must provide documentation for proof of scholarship

* Note : Chinese applicants should submit a copy of the certificate of their degree in English issued by the China Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center.